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Conversion Tool is a powerful yet easy to use conversion utility
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Conversion Tool is a powerful yet easy to use conversion utility that can convert all types of units for easy calculations. The tool comes with an extensive range of conversion units of several categories such as volume, velocity, time, acceleration, length/ distance, speed, Magnetic Flux Density, and many more. Almost all the units of measurement related to different branches of science and math are included in this tool. In fact, it is able to convert multiple unit simultaneously,supporting even the most obscure units too. Each of its categories offers multiple related sub-units that can be chosen for calculations. For instance, Energy, work and heat contains joules, kilojoules, mega joules, kilograms-force meters, kilowatt hours, erg, foot-pound force and many more. All the sub-units are divided in various sections like SI units, Metric Units, Imperial Units, and Other Units. Its search option will be very helpful to find an unknown category of any unit. All the units used by Conversion Tool are stored in simple ASCII format in the Conversion Tool .dat. file. These files can be easily edited with little knowledge of ASCII tokens. You can utilize its comprehensive help option to get familiarize yourself with the tool.

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